Secret Halong… a.k.a. the immutable Halong Bay

Our Secret Halong cruise is more than just an extravagant possibility of discovering an exceptional jewel of nature.  It is an embodiment of a remarkable natural environment that must be preserved at all costs.

Bestowing a sense of privilege upon the traveler
With audacity and elegance, Secret Halong subdues the waves to transport you to a place of heightened sensitivities, for a day of discovery, or, better yet, for an even greater appreciation of this enchanted site, a night aboard the junk, where, gently rocked by the sapphire waters, we vanish into the labyrinth of the bay.

A modest sophistication in our service
Aboard the Secret Halong, we maintain ultimate respect, spontaneity, levity, generosity, finesse and humility. Leaving no trace, we unostentatiously journey through Halong Bay.



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