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Visiting Me Cung cave

Visit Me Cung cave, which is known to be an ancient refugee of pirates that once scavenged the bay. This magnificent sanctuary, a geological formation of mysterious stalagmites, has, throughout history, given rise to countless myths.

There you can also hike the mountain and have a wonderful view point from Me Cung lake.

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Swimming & climbing at Titov Island

Titov Island displays a beach shaped like a crescent moon and sand that has been washed to a snowy white by the tide.

At Titov island, we have the option to swim or climb to the island’s peak for a breathtaking panoramic view of the bay.

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Embrace the Zen attitude with Tai Chi course

Welcoming the dawn with a session of Tai Chi on the upper deck…what better way to start the day? This martial art, combining slow, deliberate movements and deep breathing, safe and attainable for all ages, consolidates meditation and motion, focusing on the inner self. Ideal for regaining peace of mind and serenity.

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Cream of the crop

Fishing with local people

Fishing is one of the daily life activities of the locals in Halong Bay. In this trip, we have a chance to experience the life of a fisherman: how to making noise and catching fish with fishing net as a real locals. Go fishing with the locals and share with them the love of returning to nature.

Care to partake in  squid fishing?

Fun and simple, squid fishing equally pleases the young and the old. Even the unskilled, unaccomplished fisherman, with ample patience and focus, can hope, even expect,  to lure one or more of Halong bay’s  bountiful cephalopods to nibble on his fishing line. Squid fishing is a nighttime activity, typically pre- or post-dinner.

Fishing under a full moon is particularly advantageous, as  the squid are generally actively feeding during this time. If you should so wish, our chef will graciously accept your catch of the day to create a delicious meal for your offering.

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Seashell picture  making course

You love crafting with seashells? Then you could not miss this course.

From tiny shells and rope, we will learn how to create and decorate seashell pictures from a simple wooden frame.

This awesome craft can be done in a few minutes and makes a great gift for any occasion!

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Kayaking in  the middle of Halong bay

Gliding along the bay in a kayak, you can meander among the dreamlike limestone outcrops in a silence so deep as to be broken only by the lapping of the paddles breaking the surface of the water.  Explore some more secluded, less trafficked areas of the bay, overtaking local fishermen in their pod-like, woven bamboo skiffs.

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Vegetable carving course  with our Chef

Our cooking classes, led by our chef, focus on imparting culinary expertise as well as passion. Step by step, you will learn to master the techniques of producing, cooking, rolling and presenting traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Learn to master tastes and textures, give the wok a whirl and prepare mouthwatering, crispy spring rolls as if by second nature.

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